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July 16, 2001

Ergonomics Forums Begin Today

The forums, organized by the Department of Labor to answer questions concerning ergonomics and the merits of having a federal standard, have been sharply criticized as being both repetitive and exclusive.
July 13, 2001

ACGIH and the Notice of Intent to Establish Hand Activity Level TLVs

The repealed OSHA Ergonomics Program Standard included a section naming some of the analysis tools and methods available for the evaluation of MSD risk factors. Included in this list were proposed TLVs for hand activity.
July 9, 2001

European Strategies for Safety and Health at Work

A new publication highlights the main priorities identified at a recent European workshop on the development of a new Community Strategy on Safety and Health at Work.
July 3, 2001

MSDs on Hold in OSHA’s New Recordkeeping Rule

The Labor Department will propose to delay for one year the record keeping rule's definition of "musculoskeletal disorder" (MSD) and the requirement that employers check the MSD column on the OSHA Log.
June 25, 2001

More Information on Upcoming Ergonomics Forums

Whether you are in favor of, or opposed to ergonomics regulations, share your opinion by speaking at the forums or submitting written comments via the Internet.
June 25, 2001

CATO Institute Says No to OSHA and Ergonomics Regulations

According to the influential CATO Institute, Congress should shut down OSHA or, failing that, reduce OSHA's enforcement budget, bar OSHA ergonomics regulations, and repeal OSHA's so-called general duty clause.
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