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Ergoweb Forms Joint Venture to Advance ErgoAdvocate

Recife, Brazil — 16 February 2012 — Ergoweb® today announced the formation of a joint venture, ErgoAdvocate® LLC, at the 18th World Congress on Ergonomics. Ergoweb and ErgoAdvocate are USA based companies serving an international customer base.

ErgoAdvocate is a sophisticated enterprise Ergonomics Program Management Solution for office ergonomics program deployment. The ErgoAdvocate system brings a high level of process management control to organizations with 500 or more employees working at computer workstations. It's an easy to deploy and use web-based system that extends the reach and capabilities of safety, ergonomics, and human resource and risk management staff, providing an effective tool to control the significant costs and consequences of ergonomics concerns in the office environment.

The system leads employees through a simple three-step process: 

Step 1: complete basic ergonomics training by participating in a short e-learning module.

Step 2: perform a posture evaluation of your workstation, and apply our instant feedback and self-corrective advice to optimize for best fit.

Step 3: resolve any outstanding ergonomic issues by visiting the comprehensive Help Library, or forward a request for assistance.

ErgoAdvocate is modeled after the award-winning American Express Global Ergonomics Program and is already in use at a number of leading companies. This joint venture now makes it available to any and all companies that wish to maintain proactive control over their ergonomics processes. With ErgoAdvocate, you can efficiently help employees across the hall, or around the world.

“Partnering with Ergoweb and their long history as the premier provider for on-line ergonomics products, services and information is a perfect match for ErgoAdvocate,” said Gene Kay, the ErgoAdvocate developer. “Ergoweb understands customer value and the inherent strengths of web-based tools for providing office ergonomics training and self-help. They recognize the strengths of on-line tools, including time efficient training, improved retention of lessons, and the significant cost benefits of covering the basics with an on-line program.” Kay will act as Manager for the new company.

“We’ve surveyed the marketplace and identified ErgoAdvocate as the most up-to-date, scalable and customizable office ergonomics system available,” said Peter Budnick, Ergoweb’s CEO. “It’s an effective solution for companies with hundreds, thousands, or hundreds-of-thousands of employees, wherever and whenever they work. ErgoAdvocate delivers key knowledge that helps improve employee performance and reduce risk; provides management with meaningful data that is easy to understand, track, and act upon; and ensures consistency and compliance on a local or global scale.” 

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For more information, contact:

Gene Kay, Manager
952-960-1917 (USA)