Ergoweb® Enterprise Software

Adaptable + Intuitive + Flexible

Just getting started with ergonomics? No problem, we have simplified turn-key systems that will get you moving in the right direction with minimal effort.

Already have an ergonomics process in place? Excellent, our extensive configuration options give you complete control to revitalize, replace, or create meaningful improvements.

We designed Ergoweb Enterprise™ to deliver extensive configuration features for those with evolving processes, or you can keep things simple with a turn-key approach. We're available for full guidance and support for those who wish, or you can use our software to manage your custom process on your own.

Sustainable, Built to Last

Easy Implementations
    Have your team up and running in minutes.
    Step-by-step guided set-up and orientation.
    Built-in, on-demand help and guidance.
Intuitive Dashboards
    Organize and track projects by custom variables like location, facility, division, line #, etc.
    Create accountability by tracking project progress.
    Prioritize tasks based on risk.
Flexible & Scalable
    Turn-key systems for small teams.
    Configurable systems for large or distributed teams.
    Strategically configurable system that standardizes and flexes with your ergonomics process as it evolves.
Encrypted & Secure
    ISO compliant hosting.
    Cloud-based, encrypted in transit and at rest.
    Optional Single Sign-on (SSO) integration.

Effective, Evidence-Based

23 Integrated Assessment Tools

These are included, but you can mix and match, or even add your own, to customize your approach:

    2021 Liberty Mutual Equations – Lifting/Lowering *
    2021 Liberty Mutual Equations – Pushing/Pulling *
    2021 Liberty Mutual Equations – Carrying *
    LiFFT – Lifting Failure Fatigue Tool, Auburn University *
    DUET — Distal Upper Extremity Tool, Auburn University *
    The Shoulder Tool, Auburn University *
    Revised Strain Index (RSI, 2017, 2021) *
    ACGIH Hand Activity Level (2018) *
    2D Static Strength Biomechanical Methods: Low back, shoulder and whole body
    Rogers/Kodak Muscle Fatigue Analysis
    NIOSH Revised Lifting Equation, single and multi-task
    Ohio BWC / OSU Push-Pull Guidelines
    1991 Liberty Mutual Tables – Lifting/Lowering
    1991 Liberty Mutual Tables – Pushing/Pulling
    1991 Liberty Mutual Tables – Carrying
    1991 Liberty Mutual Tables – Grip Strength
    RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment)
    REBA (Rapid Entire Body Assessment)
    The Strain Index (1995)
    Shoulder Moment Estimation
    ACGIH Hand Activity Level
    ACGIH Upper Limb Localized Fatigue
    AAMA (American Automobile Manufacturing Association) Metabolic / Physiological Assessment Method

* New — added in 2021

Smart Library, Deep Ergonomics Knowledgebase
    A single system to store or manage all ergonomics documentation
    Pre-populated with extensive training and on-demand help.
    Pre-populated with solutions and improvement guidance -- or, add your own.
    Easily configure specific content to be delivered at key points in project workflows.
Continuous Improvement Workflows
    Measure & Analyze to identify issues
    Explore solutions through guidance and resources from the built-in smart Library
    Propose, test, implement and track improvements
    Quickly generate management reports summarizing key performance indicators

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