Ergonomics management software that’s simple, adaptable, and streamlines reporting.

Ergoweb Enterprise™ is a leading ergonomics management software system that encourages a continuous improvement workflow for your ergonomics process. Our cloud based software as a service (SaaS) is used by large and small teams with varying levels of ergonomics knowledge and needs, from employees to engineers and managers.

Adaptable + Intuitive + Flexible

We designed Ergoweb Enterprise to deliver extensive customization features, so you can easily manage your daily ergonomics tasks wherever you are. Our intuitive dashboard is your portal for all of your ergonomics related needs, giving you a single point of access and control over your ergonomics process and all its components. Plus, we provide you the ability to accommodate and enhance the methods you already use, or simply select anyone of our 22 included evidence-based ergonomics assessment tools. Want to add even more content? No problem. Our platform allows you to control any content you wish to edit, add or link to.

Enterprise Level Security Assurance

As a SaaS provider to Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years, Ergoweb takes digital security and privacy very seriously. All of our cloud-based subscription services employ the highest level of industry standard encryption technology. We even take security a giant step further by giving you significant control over what information and data gets stored in the cloud, and what is stored locally within your company’s secure systems. We never store business critical data, and we have the capability to work closely with your IT division to enable Single-Sign-On (SSO), review and ensure compatibility with their requirements, and navigate software audits.

Extensive Features To Meet Your Ergonomics Needs

Quick Implementations
  • Have your team up and running in minutes.
  • Step-by-step screens offer guided set-up and orientation.
  • Built-in help and guidance tools.
Intuitive Management Dashboard
  • Organize and track projects by custom variables like location, facility, division, line #, etc.
  • Create accountability by tracking project and analyst progress.
  • Prioritize tasks based on risk.
Assess Single Tasks or Complete Jobs
  • Evaluating tasks for ergonomics risks can be done by a single task or design, or an entire job with multiple tasks.
  • Consider cumulative exposures during a job or task.
23 Evidence Based Ergonomics Assessment Methods

Included with Ergoweb Enterprise™:

  1. 2021 Liberty Mutual Equations – Lifting/Lowering *
  2. 2021 Liberty Mutual Equations – Pushing/Pulling *
  3. 2021 Liberty Mutual Equations – Carrying *
  4. LiFFT – Lifting Failure Fatigue Tool, Auburn University *
  5. DUET — Distal Upper Extremity Tool, Auburn University *
  6. The Shoulder Tool, Auburn University *
  7. Revised Strain Index (RSI, 2017, 2021) *
  8. ACGIH Hand Activity Level (2018) *
  9. 2D Static Strength Biomechanical Methods: Low back, shoulder and whole body
  10. Rogers/Kodak Muscle Fatigue Analysis
  11. NIOSH Revised Lifting Equation, single and multi-task
  12. Ohio BWC / OSU Push-Pull Guidelines
  13. 1991 Liberty Mutual Tables – Lifting/Lowering
  14. 1991 Liberty Mutual Tables – Pushing/Pulling
  15. 1991 Liberty Mutual Tables – Carrying
  16. 1991 Liberty Mutual Tables – Grip Strength
  17. RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment)
  18. REBA (Rapid Entire Body Assessment)
  19. The Strain Index (1995)
  20. Shoulder Moment Estimation
  21. ACGIH Hand Activity Level
  22. ACGIH Upper Limb Localized Fatigue
  23. AAMA (American Automobile Manufacturing Association) Metabolic / Physiological Assessment Method

New — added in 2021

Download Our Detailed Assessment Selection Guide (PDF)

Seamlessly Share Data Between Systems
  • Create custom APIs or use our proprietary file format (*.erg) to easily communicate and share data between your systems.
  • Ask us how we can help you integrate existing or new methods into Ergoweb Enterprise.
Develop Continuous Improvement Workflow Studies

Develop your own workflow studies to asses ergonomics risk, it’s easy:

  1. Build a single task or a complete job with multiple tasks.
  2. Assess each task-type (e.g., lifting, pushing/pulling, etc.).
  3. Explore improvements when risk is identified.
  4. Document and report your findings to management with the built-in report generator.
  5. Thrive with improved productivity and quality.
Manage Documentation From A Single System
  • Ergoweb Enterprise allows you to crate or add links to your own content related to the task or job being assessed.
  • Create links to existing content, including internal or external PDF documents, videos or web pages.
  • Upload your own documents, images and videos.
  • Easy to use page editor allows you to create your own web pages (WYSIWYG / what-you-see-is-what-you-get).
Encrypted & Secure
  • Security that will make your IT guys happy (ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS Level 1 compliant).
  • System does not store any business critical data.
  • Optional local or cloud storage is available.
  • Optional Single Sign-on (SSO) integration is available.
Flexible and Scalable
  • System is flexible and can satisfy from a few users to a large group of users in multiple locations.
  • Offers several access levels to provide different user experiences and content exposure based on user needs and abilities.
Deep Ergonomics Knowledgebase
  • System provides extensive resources on ergonomics best practices
  • Regularly updated with articles and videos
Fully Customizable
  • Use our default settings or customize and personalize your workflow to your heart’s content.

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