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July 9, 2001

European Strategies for Safety and Health at Work

A new publication highlights the main priorities identified at a recent European workshop on the development of a new Community Strategy on Safety and Health at Work.
July 3, 2001

MSDs on Hold in OSHA’s New Recordkeeping Rule

The Labor Department will propose to delay for one year the record keeping rule's definition of "musculoskeletal disorder" (MSD) and the requirement that employers check the MSD column on the OSHA Log.
June 25, 2001

More Information on Upcoming Ergonomics Forums

Whether you are in favor of, or opposed to ergonomics regulations, share your opinion by speaking at the forums or submitting written comments via the Internet.
June 25, 2001

CATO Institute Says No to OSHA and Ergonomics Regulations

According to the influential CATO Institute, Congress should shut down OSHA or, failing that, reduce OSHA's enforcement budget, bar OSHA ergonomics regulations, and repeal OSHA's so-called general duty clause.
June 20, 2001

Ergonomics Big in New York City Mayoral Election

Who will be the next mayor of the big apple? If it is one of four Democratic candidates in the running, New York City may find itself with a new ergonomics standard.
June 14, 2001

Manning OSHA – President Intends Nomination for OSHA Secretary

The President intends to nominate John Lester Henshaw to be Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health.
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