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May 31, 2001

Citing for Ergonomics Violations

OSHA's Ergonomics program standard is scrapped, and even though congressional members and the Secretary of Labor have promised new rules, there is nothing on the books yet. Do workers have protection from workplace risk factors? The answer is YES.
May 30, 2001

Commentary: What is Ergonomics Really About?

The Good News: Public awareness of the word "ergonomics" in the USA has increased dramatically over the past few years. The Bad News: Public understanding of what "ergonomics" actually means is limited, and sometimes very confused.
May 11, 2001

Stakeholders Speak out on Senate Ergonomics Testimony and New Regulation

APHA, UCFW and ASSE voice opinions on new ergonomics regulation and Labor Secretary Chao's testimony before the Senate.
April 16, 2001

The Movement for Ergonomic Protection Regroups

After Bush signed the law repealing OSHA's ergonomics standard, NYCOSH Board Chair William Henning remarked: "Congress could repeal the ergonomics standard, but that won't repeal an ergonomic hazard or prevent a single ergonomic injury."
April 13, 2001

Ergonomics Support in the Bush Administration-It’s not who you think

Paul O'Neill, current U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, spoke at Georgetown University about heath and safety. A former CEO of Alcoa, and president of International Paper Company before that, O'Neill knows a thing or two about workplace safety.
April 6, 2001

Two Bills Introduced to Address Ergonomics

Two bipartisian bills recently introduced seek to, "provide for the reissuance of a rule relating to ergonomics".
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