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April 4, 2001

ANSI and NSC may Provide Voluntary Ergonomic Guidelines for Businesses

The political powers the be have decreed that OSHA will not have an Ergonomics Program Standard this year. Does this mean that the term "ergonomics" will go the way of 'butterfly ballot' and 'chad'? No! Is the answer from the NSC and ANSI.
April 2, 2001

ASSE Statement Concerning the Federal Ergonomics Standard

Although the federal OSHA ergonomics standard was overturned by Congress, the ASSE members, working with their employers, employees, clients, associates, and other safety professionals, will continue to look at ergonomics in the workplace.
March 30, 2001

Opinions on OSHA

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March 21, 2001

New Ergonomics Regulations Being Discussed

OHSA's latest attempt at a workplace ergonomics standard was dealt a final blow yesterday, but a bipartisan movement to draft a new set of rules is already underway.
March 5, 2001

Overturning OSHA’s Ergonomics Standard

Through the historic election of 2000, and two nominees for Labor Secretary, the fate of the Ergonomics Program Standard is still undecided. However, several GOP members would like to see all questions about the Standard soon laid to rest.
February 16, 2001

Opponents to OSHA

While supporters of OSHA
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