This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet contains 6 fillable template sheets you can complete to expedite planning and gain approvals for a site ergonomics process. The download also includes completed example sheets giving you ideas you may wish to include in your own plan. The templates and example sheets include:

  1. Key Information – for understanding the “current state” of ergonomics at your site.
  2. Goals – for documenting specific improvement goals for ergonomics that are endorsed by the site leadership team
  3. Roles and Responsibilities – for ensuring roles and responsibilities for ergonomics are formalized in job duties and personal performance metrics
  4. Site Ergo Plan – for planning key ergonomics activities over the course of a year
  5. Training Plan – for aligning ergonomics training with the skills individuals will need to fulfill their roles and responsibilities for ergonomics
  6. Key Metrics – for updating leadership on progress towards the goals established for the site ergonomics process
Screenshot showing example goals from Ergoweb’s downloadable Site Ergonomics Planning Template. The template has 6 fillable sheets, as well as 6 examples showing how others completed those sheets.

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