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Ergoweb’s Peter Budnick to Participate in Current Trends in Ergonomics Webinar

Get a free preview of the valuable content that will be available at the upcoming Applied Ergonomics Conference! On Jan. 13, two of the conference’s featured speakers – Bill Boyd of CNA and Peter Budnick of Ergoweb – will present a free webinar called “Current Trends in Ergonomics.” In addition to current ergonomics trends, the webinar will feature an overview of their conference presentations: Bill will be covering “The Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics” and Peter will discuss “Global Ergonomics and the Wired World: Challenges & Opportunities.”

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Peter Budnick will also conduct a pre-conference workshop titled “Preparing for the Certified Professional Ergonomist Exam.” Presented on behalf of the Foundation for Professional Ergonomics, where Dr. Budnick serves as a Director, this workshop will help individuals be better prepared to pass a BCPE exam. It will cover how exams are structured, recommended reference materials to review, example questions and general exam content, and suggestions for preparations. (Intermediate/Advanced level)

See the conference website for more information.