November 4, 2003

Vietnam to Vegas, Ergoweb Serves the World

Ergoweb's travel schedule through the end of 2003 highlights oversees meetings and public ergonomics events.
August 6, 2003

Ergoweb’s 10-year Anniversary

Ergoweb marks its 10th year with a series of firsts in ergonomics, and moves into its second decade as the source for ergonomics.
July 14, 2003

Ergoweb at Eastern Ergonomics Conference

Ergoweb Inc., along with ergonomics experts and practitioners from across the country, came together in New York City last week to share ideas, successes, failures and innovations at the 2nd Annual EECE.
July 5, 2003

Ergoweb Seeking Sales Professionals

Continued growth experienced by Ergoweb Inc. leads to sales opportunities.
March 19, 2003

Ergoweb Announces Winners From Applied Ergo Drawing

Prizes Include a Year's Subscription to The Ergonomics ReportTM, Ergoweb's CBeTTM course, and Ergoweb's JET--Job Evaluator ToolboxTM.
March 5, 2003

Ergoweb Inc. Celebrates The Ergonomics Report(TM) With Style

On its one-year anniversary, The Ergonomics Report(TM) takes a more ergonomic stance to information delivery -- through a publication redesign.
February 11, 2003

Ergoweb CEO to Facilitate Ergonomics Intranet Workshop

Dr. Budnick to facilitate ergonomics intranet workshop at Applied Ergonomics Conference.
January 3, 2003

Ergoweb Announces 2003 Training Schedule

Ergoweb announces training seminars for 2003
December 18, 2002

Ergoweb Reports Significant Growth in 2002

Ergoweb Inc. announces that the company expects to post a more than 30 percent increase in revenues for 2002.

About Ergoweb®

Since 1995, we’ve helped hundreds of companies—from local mid-sized organizations to Fortune 500 global corporations—manage their ergonomics programs by delivering proven ergonomics software management systems and services. We are also the go to resource in ergonomics information; publishing thousands of articles that are continually referenced by leading corporations, researchers, trade groups, labor groups, and regulators throughout the world. Ergoweb’s latest software innovation – Ergoweb Enterprise™ – allow companies to invest in their greatest asset by improving and optimizing production environments and processes. Our goal is to generate value across multiple business metrics by delivering sustainable ergonomics solutions that not only reduces our client’s employee risk, but also increases their productivity and produces a higher quality product. Please visit to learn more.

About Ergoweb Enterprise™

Launched in early 2017, Ergoweb Enterprise™ is an online subscription based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ergonomics management system that encourages a continuous improvement workflow for physically demanding industrial production and assembly environments. It comes from Ergoweb®, the same company that brought the popular JET™ (Job Evaluator Toolbox™) to Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies for over 20 years.  The new platform took several years to develop and it is already helping large and small teams with varying levels of ergonomics knowledge and needs, from employees to engineers. It is extremely customizable, intuitive, and features the most comprehensive evidence based ergonomics assessment tools organizations need to realize their health & safety goals and standards. Ergoweb provides a free personalized live demo and consultation by registering at or by calling 1-888-ERGOWEB (888-374-6932).

Ergoweb Facts & Stats

  • Ergoweb was originally established January 1, 1995 to commercialize industrial job assessment software then under development at the University of Utah. It was the first company to provide software-as-a-service by subscription via the web.
  • For over 20 years, Ergoweb was best known as a prominent publisher of ergonomics content and education to the industry.
  • In 1996, it sold ErgoAdvocate LLC (a SaaS product for office ergonomics) to MSDSonline, which is now owned by VelocityEHS.
  • In June 1997, Ergoweb Enterprise™ was launched as the company’s flagship It is a subscription based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ergonomics management system targeted to companies with physically demanding industrial production and assembly environments. It includes a lot of the features of its predecessor product – Job Evaluator Toolbox (JET™), but adds numerous features not included in JET.


Peter Budnick
Ergoweb, LLC

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