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Ergoweb Reports Significant Growth in 2002

President and CEO of Ergoweb Inc., Peter Budnick, Ph.D., CPE, announced today that the privately-held ergonomics company, Ergoweb, expects to post a more than 30 percent increase in revenues for 2002.

Budnick attributes the latest success of Ergoweb, the company that hosts, to several factors including hard work and perseverance over the company’s seven-year history; adherence to customer-oriented business principles centered on service, trust and integrity; and the emergence of ergonomics as an critical business improvement opportunity in uncertain economic conditions.

“One might expect a company like Ergoweb to experience difficulty at a time when many companies are laying off 10 percent to 50 percent or more of their workforce, or worse yet, going bankrupt,” said Budnick. “However, these difficult conditions are actually the most opportune times for ergonomics, which focuses on improving human performance. When your workforce is reduced, each employee becomes all that much more important. Removing performance obstacles and keeping employees healthy and motivated isn’t rocket science, it’s just plain smart business,” Budnick continued.

In 2002 alone, companies including Seagate, Household International, Zenith Insurance Company, Ford Motor Company, Swingline, Apollo, Pfizer, Darcor, and hundreds of others selected Ergoweb products or services.

“We also fulfill what we believe to be an obligation as professionals and as a corporation — to promote ergonomics as the powerful business tool it is. At last count, and at no charge to users, Ergoweb publishes at least three electronic news articles per week, and hosts more than 50,000 visitors who view more than 230,000 pages each month. That’s about 1.2 million