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Construction Co. Signs Alliance with OSHA; Oregon Launches Ergonomics Website

Washington Group International Signs First Private Industry OSHA Alliance Incorporating Ergonomics

On Thursday, December 12, OSHA announced the signing of an alliance promoting ergonomics and accident prevention in engineering and construction firm Washington Group International, a Boise, Idaho-based corporation employing over 38,000 workers nationwide.

“We’re especially pleased that Washington Group International wants to join with us to improve worker safety and health,” OSHA Administrator John Henshaw stated in an OSHA press release marking the signing. “A collaborative relationship strengthens the foundation upon which we can ensure that America’s workers are afforded every means to have a safe and healthful work environment. We’re committed to helping Washington Group help their employees.”

According to OSHA, the goal of the alliance will be to “use their collective expertise to provide [Washington Group International’s] employees with information and guidance to prevent injuries and illnesses, with a particular focus in the areas of cranes and rigging, hearing protection, and ergonomics. The Alliance also calls for providing access to construction industry safety and health information and resources to help develop, implement or improve safety and health programs for contractors.”

This is the first alliance with an ergonomics component that involves a private corporation rather than an industry group.

State of Oregon Creates New Ergonomics Web Site

On November 1, Oregon’s Occupational Health and Safety Division (Oregon OSHA) launched an ergonomics website offering general as well as industry-specific information regarding ergonomics for a range of work situations. The web pages, accessed through, offer general ergonomics information and links, as well as ergonomics information specific to agriculture, office, construction, wood working, and health care industries.