From The Ergoweb® Learning Center

Ergoweb Announces 2003 Training Schedule

Ergoweb Inc. announced the 2003 schedule for both its one-day Applied Office Ergonomics Training Seminar and its two-day Applied Workplace Ergonomics Training Seminar.

Reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of ergonomics, the two-day Applied Workplace Ergonomics Training Seminar is designed for health care professionals, engineers, safety specialists, industrial hygienists, human resource managers or anyone involved with workplace ergonomics. Ergoweb’s one-day office ergonomics seminar will bring attendees up to date with office ergonomics guidelines, the principles of office workspace design and equipment selection, how to use office ergonomics evaluation forms, and how to control MSD risk factors in the office environment.

Discounts are available to attendees who register for both seminars. For more information or to register, click here.