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Ergo Cup Call For Entries

Applications are being accepted through February 1 for the 2003 Ergo Cup competition. Categories for this year’s Ergo Cup include Workplace Solutions I, for companies with more than 500 employees; Workplace Solutions II , for small businesses with fewer than 500 employees; and Training and Education.

According to Ergo Cup organizer, Greg Worrell, Ph.D., C.P.E., the goal of the competition is to recognize and encourage the development of ergonomics solutions and education in the workplace. “We’re primarily looking for something that was a team effort. [The entries] pretty much have to come from the floor,” said Dr. Worrell, an ergonomics consultant since 1983. Worrell is looking for solutions that were prompted by the workers, not just the pet project of an ergonomist. “Ergonomics is really a common-man thing,” said Worrell. “Brilliant ideas come from people who know the job best.”

According to Worrell, that’s always been the basis of the ever-growing Ergo Cup competition. A common-vote election from the top 16 entries across the three categories, along with a little input from the Ergo Cup committee, will determine the 2003 Ergo Cup winners.

In the Workplace Solutions categories, participating teams will demonstrate their solution to a workplace problem. In the Training & Education category, participating teams will demonstrate application of materials and techniques designed to promote awareness, understanding, and working knowledge of ergonomics principles, skills, and work practices in the workplace. Any ergonomics team that can demonstrate a solution to a workplace problem that they have resolved within the previous 24 months leading up to the competition (February 2001-February 2003) is eligible to compete. The same timeframe applies to the Training and Education teams.

The 2003 Ergo Cup competition will accept entries through February 1 online at The 2003 Ergo Cup competition will be held during the Applied Ergonomics Conference, March 11-13, in Dallas, Texas.