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OSHA launches teen worker-safety website

OSHA launched its Teen Workers safety and health page on January 2 as part of the agency’s contribution to a new Department of Labor initiative on young workers.

Touting itself as the “premier site for teen worker safety and health information,” OSHA’s Teen Workers site features information on safety, ergonomics, labor laws, and other issues affecting working teens, as well as information for parents, educators and employers of teens.

Teens visiting the site can get information regarding the risks associated with different types of jobs including agriculture, food service, retail, janitorial and office, as well as statistics on teen work-related fatalities and on-the-job injuries.

“Every year 70 teenagers die from work-related injuries and 77,000 more are injured seriously enough to require emergency medical treatment and that’s just not acceptable,” said OSHA Administrator John Henshaw in an OSHA press statement. “This site is one more way to provide our young workers with the knowledge they deserve so they can have safe and positive work experiences.”

The Teen Workers website can be accessed through the Department of Labor’s Youth Rules! website or through a search for “Youth” on OSHA’s website.