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April 5, 2002

OSHA Announces Comprehensive Plan To Reduce Ergonomic Injuries

Targeted Guidelines and Tough Enforcement Two Key Elements
April 1, 2002

Beverly Enterprises and OSHA Find Common Ground On Patient Handling

10-year dispute between Beverly Enterprises and OSHA ends with settlement.
March 15, 2002

New Rumblings and Grumblings Emerging From Congress, Lobbyists, and OSHA

Senators call for action on ergonomics; lobbyists recommend against interupting the process. Meanwhile, OSHA moves forward with warning letters and Site Specific Targeting.
March 1, 2002

Groups Demanding OSHA Address Ergonomics

Deadlines for action on ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace have come and gone without OSHA making headway. With a year gone by, several groups are calling on OSHA to take action now.
February 20, 2002

Essentials of an Occupational Ergonomics Program

Musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) prevention programs in the workplace, often called ergonomics programs, have been shown to lower business costs due to decreased lost time, decreased incidence of injury, and decreased workers' compensation costs.
February 8, 2002

New Ergo Regs Proposed in Alaska and Minnesota

California and Washington already have ergonomics standards on the books. With the Federal Government taking an apparent hiatus on ergonomics, some states are proposing their own regulations.
November 14, 2000

Reactions to OSHA

The long drawn-out battle between Republicans and Democrats, unions and business, Congress and the President has ended with the standard crafting its way into the Federal Register.
November 8, 2000

OSHA Awards Grants for Ergonomics Training

This year OSHA awarded approximately $8 million in Susan Harwood Training Grants to 53 nonprofit organizations to administer safety and health training programs.
November 3, 2000

Reports Indicate OSHA

The drawn-out debate on ergonomics may end up being brushed aside as Congress heads home after passing a continuing resolution this morning to keep government in operation until November 14th.
October 18, 2000

ErgoWeb Announces new OSHA Ergonomics Standards Watch section of ergoweb.com

ErgoWeb Announces new OSHA Ergonomics Standards Watch section of ergoweb.com. This new section is dedicated to providing companies with complete information and understanding of the pending OSHA ergonomics standard
October 6, 2000

OSHA Working Hard to Pass Ergonomics Standard by Year End

While the conference committee is busy formulating a final Labor-HHS bill to present to President Clinton, OSHA is spinning its wheels in preparation for a final ergonomics standard by the end of the year.
September 22, 2000

Possible Outcomes for OSHA’s Proposed Ergonomics Standard

If OSHA's proposed ergonomics standard isn't confusing enough, try examining OSHA's task of implementing a new standard.
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