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Ergobuyer Now Offers CAPTIV Wireless Data Collection and Analysis System

Ergobuyer® is now pleased to offer the CAPTIV assessment tools for workplace analysis and ergonomics, with an exciting range of fully wireless sensors.

With the CAPTIV-L2100 software for task analysis, forget the laborious “with-paper-and-pen” observations in the field and their endless manipulation in a spreadsheet! Encode your video recordings in a few clicks, and get detailed statistics and graphs on gestures, postures, actions, events, etc which can then be easily imported into your reports.

CAPTIV-L7000 allows unchallenged user-friendliness for recording and analyzing videos, measurements and observations – all in sync!

  • Collect measurements in real situations from a wide range of small wireless sensors: EMG, EKG, force, joint angles, acceleration…and more.
  • No constraints with cables running through the sleeves and all over: a compact clip-on wireless datalogger with touch-screen allows operation in an unobtrusive and tetherless fashion, with subject’s unrestrained freedom of motion both in the real world and in the lab.
  • The measurements can also be streamed – wirelessly of course – in real-time to PC in more static setups.
  • The CAPTIV software includes all needed analysis capabilities for processing videos, measurements and observations in a synchronous fashion, with statistics, graphs, thresholds, multiple selections, export of results in reports, … and more.

Meet us at the TEA-CAPTIV (booth #214) at AHFE 2012 in San Francisco ( for a demo!

Can’t make it to the conference? Contact Ergobuyer for more information.

Ergobuyer's new CAPTIV system