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Tool maintenance, training, and process control

Dan MacLeod, CPE, MA, MPH

Principles affected

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An often-neglected aspect of hand tools is having proper systems in place to insure optimal use.  Many tools need routine maintenances, such as sharpening or vibration control. In many workplaces, the selection of which tools to use for specific tasks cannot be haphazard. Employee training in all aspects of tool use can be critical.


The underlying goal for these administrative systems is to help insure correct application of design principles: e.g., to minimize force, motions, and vibration. The hand tool itself may be insufficient without these additional systems.

Issues and Options

Example of importance: Sharpening

Sharpening Bits
Knives and scissors Drill bits


Example of importance: Vibration reduction



Process control

Right tool for right job

Drilling: availablility of new bits, counters or other measures to insure that a given bit is not overused




maintenance items performed by user

proper selection

proper use

warning signs of problems

examples, unusual noise or smoke from power tools