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Manual Pumps

Dan MacLeod, CPE, MA, MPH


Manhandling barrel to empty liquid

Pumps should be considered whenever liquids are handled in heavy containers. In particular, the availability of inexpensive manual pumps is often underappreciated. Various examples are shown below.

See also barrel and drum handling. For pumping and handling powders and granular materials seeconveyors for the topics of vacuum hose, auger, and compressed air systems.

Common options for improvement

HandPump1 Pump2
Piston pump Rotary hand pump
LeverPump Siphon pump
Lever “drum and pail pump” ( Continental siphon pump

Multitudes of various brands, models, and vendors are readily available on-line. Pumps are available in various types of material for different liquids.

DolphinWaterPump Flojet
Dolphin water pump FloJet dispensing system (powered)

Pumps can reduce the lifting and handling of heavy water cooler bottles. Manual and relatively inexpensive powered dispensers are available.