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How Having a Little Fun Can Become a Big Pain at Work

Softball leagues, bowling nights, badminton, jogging, even walking the dog: what do these activities have in common? They can all trigger “boomeritis.”

As a condition, Boomeritis is merely a slang term for any number of sports- and activity-related injuries that seem to be plaguing America’s Baby Boomers, the youngest of whom will enter their 40s next year. According to a recent report on, however, Boomeritis added up to over one-million sports-related injuries being reported by Baby Boomers in 1998, and an increase of 33 percent in the past seven years.

“As the baby boomer generation turns 40 and 50, we’ve seen an explosion of bone and joint aches, pains, injuries, ailments,” Pennsylvania orthopedic surgeon Nick DiNubile told Problems arise because Baby Boomers tend to be a more active generation than previous generations and because there is sometimes a tendency in Boomers to work out with the same intensity that they did when they were younger.

More than just play is affected by Boomeritis