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BCPE Initiates Mentor Program

Thinking of becoming a board certified professional ergonomist but not sure you’re ready to make the leap? Maybe a BCPE mentor can help.

The Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE) is introducing a program where BCPE-certified ergonomists can help other ergonomists embarking on their own certification process.

According to BCPE Executive Administrator Kris Alvord, the goal of the program is to allow ergonomists who have already gone through the experience of certification assist others to “move forward and get the process initiated.”

The BCPE differentiates between professional and associate levels of practice by awarding three different certification credentials. Each of the certification credentials requires a certain degree of education, work experience and successful completion of a written exam. Currently, there are close to 1000 BCPE-certified ergonomists and human factors practitioners. (Visit for more information on the three types of BCPE certification.)

Alvord noted that BCPE certification is not necessary to work as an ergonomist, but a 2002 BCPE survey showed that BCPE certification is a key hiring and compensation consideration for a number of companies.

During the mentoring process, both applicant and mentor will define their roles in the process, determine meeting times and places and develop a program to act as successful relationship for both parties. According to the BCPE, a successful mentor will listen, help the applicant develop realistic and attainable timelines, offer feedback and encouragement, and act as a readily-available resource to the applicant.

To learn more about BCPE or to take part in the mentoring program, contact BCPE at