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July 1, 2002

OSHA Signs Alliance with Printing, Graphic Arts Industries to Foster Ergonomics

OSHA, and Printing and Graphic Arts associations International formally agreed to work together to share best practices and technical knowledge on ergonomics to foster prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses.
July 1, 2002

OSHA Update — July 2002

OSHA Update -- July 2002
June 14, 2002

OSHA Announces Grocery Stores and Poultry Processing Next to Receive Guidelines

Grocery stores and poultry processing will be the focus of the next two sets of industry-specific guidelines to reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).
June 4, 2002

Commentary: Ergonomics Is Not About Stretching Programs–Reprint

I hear about stretching exercise programs being used as an ergonomics intervention, and it causes me to pause. Is a program based on stretching exercises really an effective and valid ergonomics approach? My answer is "no," for two reasons.
May 20, 2002

Test Your Ergonomics Knowledge: Occupational Ergonomics

Test your occupational ergonomics knowledge by answering the following questions taken from Ergoweb's Computer Based Ergonomics Training Course.
May 15, 2002

Secretary Chao Speaks about Ergonomics Regulations at Small Business Week

Chao says administration's approach to ergonomics is good for small businesses.
March 30, 2001

Opinions on OSHA

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March 21, 2001

New Ergonomics Regulations Being Discussed

OHSA's latest attempt at a workplace ergonomics standard was dealt a final blow yesterday, but a bipartisan movement to draft a new set of rules is already underway.
March 5, 2001

Overturning OSHA’s Ergonomics Standard

Through the historic election of 2000, and two nominees for Labor Secretary, the fate of the Ergonomics Program Standard is still undecided. However, several GOP members would like to see all questions about the Standard soon laid to rest.
February 16, 2001

Opponents to OSHA

While supporters of OSHA
January 30, 2001

OSHA publishes Ergonomic Electronic Compliance Assistance Tools (eCATs) on its Web Site

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has added Electronic Compliance Assistance Tools (eCATs) to its Web site that addresses ergonomic recommendations for common situations in selected industries.
January 16, 2001

Official Statement From OSHA on Effective Date of Ergonomics Program Standard

As OSHA's ergonomics standard takes effect today, more than 100 million workers across America can look forward to a brighter, more healthful future.
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