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Connecticut Introduces Workplace Ergonomics Bill

On January 27, 2003, the Labor and Public Employees Committee raised H.B. No. 6211, “An Act Concerning the Establishment of Written Ergonomics Policies for the Workplace,” before the Connecticut House.

The Bill stipulates that employers must analyze injury data and job satisfaction indices in an effort to determine if known risk factors for the development of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are present. The Bill states that employee input regarding ergonomic concerns must be sought, and that a written ergonomics policy be developed.

Specifically, the Bill states that employers shall:

(4) Develop a written ergonomics policy setting forth (A) procedures for the employer and its employees to jointly evaluate the extent and causes of any work-related ergonomic problems and to prevent or minimize such problems, (B) procedures for providing ergonomics training to the employer and its employees in order to prevent or minimize musculoskeletal disorders, and (C) incentives for employees to report early symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders in order to prevent or minimize incapacity or disability through early conservative medical treatment and ergonomic interventions.

California and Washington State currently have similar ergonomics program standards in place. Alaska, Minnesota, and North Carolina have also considered such programs.

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