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Business and Labor Voice Dissatisfaction With OSHA

After one overturned ergonomics standard, three sets of voluntary ergonomics guidelines and a rule change that says musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) earned in the workplace no longer need to be reported separately, how do business and labor groups rate OSHA on its performance during the current presidential administration? According to a recent Washington Post article, not very well.

In a nutshell, said non-profit group OMB Watch, during the past three and half years, OSHA has forged 231 long-term alliances, 214 active partnerships, and 1,153 voluntary protection program sites. But as for actually regulating, said the group, OSHA has done little other than withdraw some rules that were in development and wipe its slate clean.

That, said OMB Watch along with labor groups including the AFL-CIO, means that OSHA isn’t actively participating in a key part of the agency’s mission