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Beautiful Music, Ergonomically Designed

The ‘Ergonomic Violin’ (EV) recently earned industrial design graduate Tricia Ho the Gold Australian Design Award – Dyson Student Award respectively at the 2006 Australian Design Awards.

EV is an electric violin which consists of a main component to couple with a range of detachable frames that will be available in various designs. These frames are interchangeable, making EV a stylistically customizable violin, to suit the player’s persona or the setting of the performance.

The interchangeable frames include a ‘self-supporting’ option, where the player no longer needs to grip the instrument under the chin to hold it whilst playing. This addresses the long-standing problem of playing-related musculoskeletal disorders (PRMDs) in violinists’ necks and shoulders.

The Australian Design Award® judges said the EV "represents innovative thinking, complete design principles and distinctive engineering. The EV is the first of a new breed of electric violin designed to suit both the player’s personality, and their individual ergonomic requirements.”

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