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Advice: Mend Fences Between Generations at Work

Two recent articles tell managers and others to mend intergenerational miscommunication at work. It qualifies as sound ergonomics advice. A breakdown in communications is a factor ergonomists find often in dysfunctional workplaces. The articles suggest that the age divide, if not carefully managed, can be a barrier to efficiency and productivity.

The articles, “Workplace generation gap: Understand differences among colleagues,” published by the Mayo Clinic, and “Mend intergenerational communications at Work,” published by, point out that putting things right starts with recognizing four distinct generations are forced to coexist in today’s workplaces.

The Silent Generation, born from 1925 through 1942, makes up some 5 percent of the America’s workforce. It is so called for several reasons, one of which is that its contribution to American life is undervalued. The Boom Generation, 1946 through 1964, is next. Some Boomers have retired early, but most are still working. X (1965-1977) and Y (1979-1988) are regarded as the “now” generations