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February 2, 2022

Fatigue Failure Ergonomics Assessment Tools Advance MSD Prevention Strategies

Article Highlights: Fatigue Failure theory is a new ergonomics theory about how workers develop MSDs Three recently developed ergonomics assessment tools — LiFFT, DUET and The […]
July 16, 2021

New Liberty Mutual MMH Equations (2021) Added to Ergoweb Enterprise

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company has conducted numerous studies over several decades that help identify and reduce risk of injury related to manual material tasks like lifting, […]
May 13, 2020

Preparing Employees for a Return-to-Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many employees to stay home, and others to work reduced schedules. This extended time away from work may result in some […]
May 12, 2020

How to Set-Up and Launch an Ergonomics Process at Your Site

A step-by-step guide to planning an effective ergonomics process at a company site or facility. This is a brief summary article — for more detail and […]
February 6, 2020

How to Design Ergonomics into the Workplace

“Designing in” workplace ergonomics is viewed as an integral part of an effective ergonomics process.  Non-office workplace environments are constantly changing – and new ergonomics challenges […]
January 28, 2020

Exoskeletons and Ergonomics — What You Need to Know

Wearable exoskeletons and ergonomics are getting a lot of attention lately. Exoskeletal devices have already shown great promise and success as rehabilitation and disability solutions, and […]
December 16, 2019

Ergonomics Standards and Guidelines

Here’s a list of ergonomics standards, guidelines, regulations and compliance resources. It was last updated on January 29, 2020. The list is comprehensive, but we’ve surely […]
November 18, 2019

Managing an Ergonomics Improvement Process

Managing ergonomics at a site requires a lot of planning, coordination, and communication.  An effective ergonomics improvement initiative relies on contributions of people throughout the organization […]
November 4, 2019

How to Develop a Site Ergonomics Plan

A well constructed site ergonomics plan is critical for ensuring that everyone involved in the ergonomics process understands what needs to occur, and who is responsible […]
October 29, 2008

Ergonomics and Voting Systems: Voter Interface, Voting Machines at Odds in 2008

Whichever party wins the White House, the 2008 election promises to make history. In the second part of a two-part series, cognitive psychologist Tiffany Jastrzembski explains why the expected record-setting voter turnout could expose record-setting problems at polling places, and how they might be prevented in future elections.
October 29, 2008

Experts Identify Persistent Problems with U.S. Ballot and Voting System Usability

With a globally significant USA election only days away, many are wondering if our voting systems will accurately count voter intentions. On the heels of widely reported problems in the 2000 and 2004 elections, Americans have reason to be concerned. Fortunately, ergonomists and human factors professionals are stepping forward to help.
October 27, 2008

Amended Version of Americans With Disabilities Act in Force in January

More help is on the way for Americans with disabilities. An expanded version of the Americans With Disabilities Act comes into force on January 1, and both presidential candidates in the November 4 election support expanded disability benefits.
October 22, 2008

RESEARCH: Aging Employees Unfettered By Overtime Work Demands

When subject to overtime work, do older employees experience a higher rate of injury and reduced productivity? A recent study from the Yale School of Medicine evaluates this potential business cost involving a growing segment of the workforce.
October 20, 2008

Mind Power and Artificial Connection Used to Move Paralyzed Limbs

Scientific breakthrough shows it is possible to direct brain signals, via an artificial correction, to make paralyzed limbs move.
October 15, 2008

October is National Ergonomics Month

National Ergonomics Month is the kick-off event for service and outreach events that grow the public understanding of ergonomics / human factors / usability science and practice.
October 15, 2008

Ergonomics and Voting Systems: Will Your Vote Be Properly Counted?

Voting systems that are reliable, easy to use and accurately reflect voter intent are the foundation of free and fair elections; the kind Americans regard as their birthright. Americans now know that birthright is threatened. Part One of a two-part series explores expert Bill Killam's recommendations for cleaning up flawed voting systems.
October 8, 2008

RESEARCH: Shoulder posture, hand forces predictive of rotator cuff syndrome

New research by Silverstein et al shows work cycle duration of shoulder flexion and hand forces are related to the incidence of rotator cuff syndrome.
October 6, 2008

California Governor Vetoes Safe Patient Handling Legislation Again

A California bill aimed at protecting healthcare workers and hospital patients from pain, injury and disability associated with manual lifting failed to pass for a fifth time in as many years.