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Equipois Inc., makers of the zeroG® mechanical arm technologies that render heavy tools and equipment weightless for a range of applications involving human workers, has been selected by Plant Engineering Magazine as a finalist in its annual “New Product of the Year” competition. Ergoweb featured the zeroG® in Ergonomics Today™ this past September, and it’s also included in the Ergobuyer Catalog Store. Plant Engineering selects finalists from newly introduced products that improve worker safety while significantly adding value to the workplace.

Released to the market in March, 2008, zeroG® mechanical arm systems use a patented spring and cam-based architecture to adjustably float and lift a wide range of tools and parts. Typically, the arm is used in scenarios where workers are required to lift or manipulate heavy objects, often in awkward postures while performing their job functions. These activities can put safety and company productivity at significant risk. Until now, no tool support or device offered weightlessness combined with the freedom of motion for workers to perform their job tasks to maximize effectiveness.

The zeroG® system offers several independent benefits to manufacturers. First, reducing fatigue and strain reduces risk of injuries and related costs. Second, the zeroG® can enable workers to use heavier, more powerful tools with very little exertion, which can significantly boost productivity. Third, taking the heavy lifting out of a task improves the use of fine motor skills, offering improvements in work quality. The zeroG® technology can be applied to a wide range of workplace activities such as sanding, grinding, drilling, boring, cutting, polishing, and torque applications in aerospace, automotive, heavy machinery, foundries, and many other industries. The zeroG4® system can commonly hold payloads ranging from 8 to 36 lbs. and the soon-to-be-released zeroG2® can hold tools from 0 to 10 lbs.

“Especially in challenging economic times, manufacturers need to find ways to eliminate waste and increase productivity,” said Eric Golden, President and CEO of Equipois Inc. “The zeroG® targets one area of pure waste – avoidable worker injuries – while equipping manufacturers with a powerful new tool to increase output and decrease costs. These dual benefits give the zeroG® a measurable return on investment that is particularly compelling in the current environment.”

Equipois will be featured in the November issue of Plant Engineering Magazine with over 100,000 readers voting on Product of the Year. The Winner of the 2008 Product of the Year will be announced in January, 2009.

Source: Equipois Inc.