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Webinar: Cost-Benefit Analysis for Ergonomics, featuring Rick Goggins

Are your ergonomics recommendations sometimes met with questions about cost and effectiveness? Do you hesitate to recommend certain solutions because they seem too expensive? Are you looking for tools that will help you promote ergonomics as an investment and not just a cost? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this free webinar is for you.

Rick GogginsIn this webinar, renowned ergonomist Rick Goggins will share:
  • the results of a review of over 250 case studies that examined the cost effectiveness of ergonomics interventions;
  • review some basic concepts in cost-benefit analysis;
  • demonstrate and show attendees how to access a free, simple cost-benefit model specific to ergonomics; and
  • discuss additional cost-benefit tools that are available to practitioners.
Attend this webinar and you’ll come away with valuable tools, ideas and language that you can use to demonstrate the value of your proposed solutions to decision makers.
About Rick Goggins, M.S., CPE
Rick has been working as an ergonomist for the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries for the past 18 years.  Prior to that, he worked with Hughes Space and Communications’ Safety, Health and Environmental Affairs group in El Segundo, California.  He has a Master’s in ergonomics from the Institute of Safety and Systems Management at the University of Southern California. Rick is a Certified Professional Ergonomist. 
When: April 11, 2013, 11 am Pacific Time, 2 pm Eastern Time, USA
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