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US Chamber of Commerce To Hold Meeting in Anticipation of OSHA Ergonomics Activity

The US Chamber of Commerce has scheduled a meeting to discuss OSHA activities that they believe pertain to ergonomics. The meeting announcement reads in part:

In anticipation of OSHA reengaging on the ergonomics issue, we want to hold a meeting to get everyone up to speed. 
In the recent regulatory agenda (Dec. 7), OSHA indicated that they will be proposing a regulation to add a column to the OSHA 300 Log to capture musculoskeletal disorders.  This will serve the purpose of allowing OSHA to generate data they will need to support doing something on ergonomics and we consider this the first shot in the coming ergo conflict.
Much has changed since the Clinton ergo regulation was struck down by Congress in 2001 under the Congressional Review Act. This meeting will focus on what we know now that we did not know then, where we think the agency may be headed, and the need for everyone to be prepared to respond.

The US Chamber of Commerce has been a long-time critic of workplace ergonomics regulatory efforts, and were instrumental in the effort to overturn the previously enacted ergonomics regulation promulgated by the Clinton administration.

The meeting will be held at the U.S. Chamber in the Amway/Emerson Rooms on Monday January 25, 2010, starting at 2:30. For attendance purposes, please RSVP to Michael Dendas at