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Top 10 Ergonomics New Year Predictions–Satire

A satirical look at the ergonomics scene for 2002.

10. 2002 Olympic Games Nordic Competitions will be over-shadowed by spectacular light display at Ergoweb Office Building 2 miles away. Tickets to both running out fast.

9. Despite losing entire office staff to repetitive strain injuries in early March, Labor Nominee Scalia continues to claim ergonomics is quackery.

8. Fictional FBI agent Fox Mulder will make an appearance on hit TV show “The X-Files” to praise the great consideration given to ergonomics in the design of extraterrestrial transportation vehicles. Alien anthropometry charts are expected to be available to the general public sometime in November.

7. Consumers will purchase everything that is labeled ‘Ergonomic’. If the label says so, it has to be true