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The Lighter Side — July 2002

Beer Drinker’s Elbow
According to News of the Weird (, a 26-year-old Manchester, England, college student was diagnosed with repetitive strain injury from a year’s worth of hoisting about 25 pints of beer a week at a tavern.

Space Shuttle Wrist
Cape Canaveral, FL — Space walking astronauts recently performed wrist surgery on the international space station’s 58-foot Canadian-built robotic arm. According to Associated Press reports, Mission Control informed the astronauts  that “the O.R. is ready” as they began their work 240 miles above Earth.

Several members of Congress immediately voiced their objections to the surgery. “This phony surgery is obviously an attempt to legitimize that voodoo science of aergonomics,” bellowed one Senator. “Good machines never wear down and break, and neither do good people,” he added.

This article originally appeared in The Ergonomics Report™ on 2002-07-01.