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The Lighter Side — August 2002

Quadriplegic Sues Strip Clubs Over Poor Access To Lap Dance Room
Citing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Edward Law, of Orlando, Florida, a quadriplegic, is suing Wildside Adult Sports Cabaret.  He charges that the lap dance room is only accessible by a short set of stairs.  He also alleges that the counter that surrounds the stage where the strippers dance is too high, making it difficult for him to see the stage and set down his drinks.

Wildside’s General Manager, Bret Rudowsky, said he was not aware of the problems, and that Law could have requested a lap dance elsewhere in the club.

Law, who declined to comment on the Wildside lawsuit, has also filed suits against other strip clubs claiming ADA violations for bathrooms and parking spaces.  He has also filed ADA lawsuits against an Orlando restaurant and a Daytona Beach Harley-Davidson motorcycle shop. 

Dr. Evil on Ergonomics
Even those who would like to take over the world recognize that ergonomics is a part of meeting that goal. Dr. Evil, the nemesis of spy character Austin Powers, gave audiences a glimpse of his workplace regulations in the movie Austin Powers – Goldmember.

In Dr. Evil’s workplace, the Evil Lair, you can see posters and signs reminding workers of safe practices. One poster reminds his employees, the evil henchmen, to lift with their knees and not their backs. The poster also advocates a 2-person lift by showing two evil henchmen lifting a dead body.

This article originally appeared in The Ergonomics Report™ on 2002-08-01.