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The Chair of the Future?

If part of deserving the label “ergonomic” means offering a device that fits the user, then German designers Vogt + Weizenegger (V+W) may have created the ultimate in ergonomic chairs.

Called the “Sinterchair,” V+W’s seating solution is more than just a place to rest a tired tush. Taking customer sizing and the chair’s potential use to an extreme, the Sinterchair is designed from a combination of laser technology and a detailed personality questionnaire.

According to V+W, obtaining one of the ultra-custom designed chairs is fast and simple. The customer goes into a V+W shop, fills out a questionnaire, gets measured by a laser system so the chair can match the customer’s individual contours, and the customer picks up his or her one-of-a-kind sized and styled chair less than 24 hours later.

Aside from offering a space-aged approach to chair design and look