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The Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics Announces New Certification Designations: Certified User Experience (CUXP) and Associate User Experience (AUXP)

The Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE) is pleased to announce the recent addition of the Certified User Experience (CUXP) and Associate User Experience (AUXP) certification designations. 

The CUXP is equivalent to the CPE and CHFP designations, and the AUXP is equivalent to the AEP (Associate Ergonomics Professional) and AHFP (Associate Human Factors Professional) designations.  The same certification requirements, application procedures, and examination are required for CPE/CHFP/CUXP and AEP/AHFP/AUXP certification.

The BCPE established the CUXP and AUXP designations in response to growing market acceptance of User Experience as an additional and equivalent title to Ergonomics and Human Factors and to provide BCPE certificate holders with greater flexibility by offering this additional designation option over the course of their professional career. 

BCPE Past President, Dr. Arnie Lund, and current Directors, Drs. Jim Kondziela and Jim Rudd, as well as several BCPE certificate holders have enthusiastically adopted the new CUXP designation and begun using it in place of their former CPE or CHFP titles.  “BCPE built its certification model originally in part on the experiences of pioneers in the field of User Experience; and as human-computer interaction, design, and usability have continued to evolve BCPE has refreshed the model of the entire field to reflect the changes.  This is an exciting milestone recognizing that the best user-centered design builds on a deep knowledge of people, systems, the context of use and how they interact; and it is an honor to be part it,” said Arnie Lund, CUXP.

The mission of the BCPE is to provide ergonomics certification to protect the public, the profession, and its professionals by assuring standards of competency and advocating the value of certification.  Since 1990, the BCPE, an independent non-profit organization, has been the premier certifying body for individuals whose education and experience indicate broad expertise in the practice of ergonomics.  To date, over 1,500 professionals have been distinguished as BCPE certificate holders.  For more information about BCPE and its certification programs, visit the BCPE web site at or contact the BCPE Office at (888) 856-4685.