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The Annual ErgoCup Competition

When was the last time someone thanked a mail carrier for delivering mail to the right house, or told the grocery bagger “good job” for not putting a six pack of soda on top of the eggs?

It’s easy to take for granted actions and solutions that just seem like they’re the right thing to do. Like an improvement in workplace ergonomics, for example: sure, ergonomics reduces injuries, increases productivity, fosters an all-around better business climate and worker attitude, but if ergonomics is the right thing to do, then who needs to celebrate it?

Everyone. At least that’s the theory behind the awarding of the annual ErgoCup.

Each year at the annual ErgoCup competition, part of the Applied Ergonomics Conference, ergonomics teams from around the country put their innovative workplace ergonomics solutions head-to-head against other workplace ergonomics solutions to see who is awarded the coveted ErgoCup. From training programs to engineering solutions, the competition encourages entries from all sectors of business and industry, large or small.

According to the organizers, the goal of the competition is to recognize and encourage the development of innovative ergonomics solutions and education in the workplace. What that means is that any organization that can demonstrate an effective ergonomics solution or an ergonomics education initiative that took place in the preceding 24 months (for the 2004 competition, between February 2002 and February 2004) is eligible to compete.

For 2004, the competition will honor three categories of original ergonomics innovations: Team-driven Workplace Solutions; Engineering/Ergonomist-driven Workplace Solutions; and Training and Education. Nothing off-the-rack here; every solution, whether for a tiny 10-person office or a manufacturing giant with thousands of workers and worksites, must be custom-fit to match its organization.

The 2004 ErgoCup runs in conjunction with the Applied Ergonomics Conference, March 8-11, 2004 in Orlando, Florida. Deadline to enter the competition is December 15, 2003. For more information on the competition or the conference, or to print out an ErgoCup application, go to