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State of Michigan Awards $1 Million in Workplace Safety and Ergonomics Grants

CIS Director Noelle Clark announced the Michigan Department of Consumer & Industry Services (CIS) has awarded 18 Consultation Education and Training (CET) Grants totaling $1 million to promote workplace safety and health.

“Employers today recognize that one of the most effective ways to increase profits is to provide a safe work environment,” said Clark. “These grants will provide employers with down-to-earth strategies to protect their workers from injuries and illnesses.”

The CET Grant program is part of the CIS Bureau of Safety and Regulation (BSR), which is responsible for administering the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act (MIOSHA). The MIOSHA program is dedicated to increasing workplace safety and health.

The bureau’s Consultation Education and Training (CET) Division provides direct staff assistance to employers in a variety of formats. The CET Grant program provides additional options for safety and health education and training to employers and employees.

“One vital area of concern for employers today is preventing ergonomic injuries,” said BSR Director Doug Earle. “A significant number of these grants will provide effective ergonomics evaluation and training.”

The 18 statewide projects will include a wide range of training activities and proficiency levels. Many of the grants will offer interactive computer- based training modules and may include: text, video, interactive questions, and retention testing.

Most of the grants will focus on the performance goals identified in the MIOSHA strategic plan, including: ergonomics training and back safety, construction safety, road builders safety, hearing conservation, hazard recognition and prevention, and training for healthcare and nursing home workers.

CET grants are awarded on a competitive basis to management/employer groups, labor/employee organizations, and not-for-profit organizations, such as universities, hospitals and service agencies.

For more information about these grants the Michigan Department of Consumer & Industry Services