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Spotlight On! Ergonomics in the Ukraine

As part of Ergoweb’s continued commitment to showcasing ergonomics efforts around the world, we will begin a news series called ‘Spotlight On!’ This series will focus on ergonomics in a particular area such as a national ergonomics society, or university research and design.

The Ukrainian Ergonomics Society will premier this series today.

From a formal point of view, ergonomics in the Ukraine is new. This, of course, follows the fact that the Ukraine itself was only formed in 1991 when the former Soviet Union disintegrated and Ukraine declared independence. Despite such political turmoil, ergonomics was taken up as an important charge. This was done through the All-Union government scientific-technical programs, and Complex Programs of the scientific-technical progress of the Council for Mutual Economic Aid’s member-countries.
The main activities were managed by work groups for particular directions, such as:

  • standardization
  • nuclear power plants
  • aviation
  • human-technique systems
  • consumer products
  • ergonomics.

Professional ergonomists were protected, to some extent, by the Soviet Ergonomics Association, which had been established in September of 1989. Eighty-eight of its 500 members represented the Ukraine.

In November, 1992, the All-Ukrainian Ergonomics Association was established. It consisted of representatives from 17 regional departments, and has the purpose of utilizing ergonomics to improve both the manufacturing of goods, but also improving the experience of the end user of those goods. The status of the Association was legalized, and research immediately began.

Dr.Vladlen Voinenko was elected to be the first president. The founder of the All-Ukrainian Ergonomics Association, he was a key person in Ukrainian ergonomics, and head of the Department of Ergonomics in the National Research Institute for Design since 1977. He has also authored several books on ergonomic principles and design.

The 1986 Chernobyl disaster has fuelled much of the current research. Ukrainian ergonomists investigate the ergonomic and ecological aspects of safety of systems, machinery, and equipment as it relates to human error. A fundamental belief is that ergonomics should investigate not only the static characteristics of the system or “human-machine-environment”, but also the dynamic characteristics, such as the interplay of social, biological, psychological, and technological components.

Currently the Ukrainian Ergonomics Society is trying to build what it calls a national system of ‘ergonomic maintenance’. The main elements of which are ergonomics services – internal (in structure of ministries and departments as well as enterprises) and external (centers for ergonomics training, research enterprises, information service, certification).

Current activities include information services including consultation, examination, private ergonomic development, ergonomic information dissemination, and education/training in the field of ergonomics. The society is also developing a national ergonomics standard.

For more information about ergonomics in the Ukraine, contact:
Alexander Burov
All-Ukrainian Ergonomics Association President
P.O.Box 3, 04214, Kyiv
Ph.:+380 44 413 8439

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