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Special Issue: Globalization of Ergonomics

Ergonomics In Design, a publication of The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES), has published a special issue on the Globalization of Ergonomics, and you can get free access to it, and all HFES periodicals, through the end of November 2012! 

The special issue, organized and edited by Thomas J. Smith, includes a contribution by Ergoweb's Peter Budnick and co-authors Kazutaka Kogi and David O’Neill. Access to these articles is currently free/complementary, but you must first register.

Once you've registered you can access articles of your choice, including:

Introduction to the Special Issue on Globalization of Ergonomics, Comments from the Guest Editor, Thomas J. Smith

Examples of Practical Ergonomics in Industrially Developing Countries, by Peter Budnick, Kazutaka Kogi, & David O’Neill

An International Perspective on Ergonomics Education, by R. S. Bridger

Globalization of Ergonomics Through the International Ergonomics Association, by David C. Caple

Certification of Professional Ergonomists: A Global Perspective, by Thomas J. Smith

Corporate Ergonomics: It’s Musculoskeletal Disorder Management and System Optimization, by Nancy L. J. Larson

Ergonomics Collaboration in the Oil and Gas Industry in Southeast Asia, by Halimahtun M. Khalid and Martin G. Helander

Straightforward Yet Effective Ergonomics Collaborations in South Africa, by Candice Jo-Anne Christie


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