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Sit Up Straight Said the Chair

Want to know how to get more comfortable in the office? A Canadian company has designed a chair that can tell you.

Debuting earlier this month at the Assembly Canada Show, ErgoCentric Seating System’s talking chair can tell its users how to adjust the chair to best suit them without ever consulting the manual.

The chair’s instructions are delivered through a voice system, broadcast through the chair’s backrest, that tells the user how to make adjustments. The chair itself was designed with a digital memory, what the company calls the “On-Board Electronics User Guide.” Each lever on the chair is fitted with a button marked with a question mark. When the user presses a button, the chair explains what the lever does and how to adjust the chair with it.

According to a Mississauga News article, the manufacturer hopes that the talking chair will encourage users to adjust their chairs properly and more often.

“That is why we believe good ergonomic chairs will always be adjustable — so that people will have the flexibility to change their seated posture often,” said ErgoCentric’s Executive Vice President, Nola Young.

While Young points out that the talking chair would never instruct the user to sit up straight (“contrary to what your mother always told you, sitting up straight is NOT good for your back,” said Young in follow up correspondence), ErgoCentric’s talking chair is currently available through dealers throughout North America.

Source: Mississauga News