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Selling The Plan

Looking for a way to sell a great ergonomics initiative but keep getting turned away due to lack of funds? These two studies may help:

  • A 1998 study found that in an office environment, companies could expect a return 17 times greater than their initial investment in an ergonomics initiative, plus the odds of an office worker losing valuable work days due to an ergonomics-preventable injury were three times greater without the ergonomics investment.

  • A 2001 survey by insurance company Liberty Mutual also found that management believes that they will receive something back from their investment in ergonomics and safety, although at a much smaller ratio (just 3-to-1).

Sources:Schneider, S. “Ergonomic Intervention Has a Return on Investment of 17 to 1.” Applied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene. 1998.

“A Majority of U.S. Businesses Report Workplace Safety Delivers A Return On Investment.” Liberty Mutual Insurance press release.  August 28, 2001.

This article originally appeared in The Ergonomics Report™ on 2004-03-01.