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Dan MacLeod, CPE, MA, MPH

Common issues

Scissors1 Scissors2
High volume production Pressure point

On-going use of scissors in production can create a few critical problems, in particular:

  • Repetitive squeezing motions
  • pressure points where the loops rub against the fingers, creating a risk for damage to the affected nerves.

Common options for improvement

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Full-hand loop, spring opener Sharpening program

Full-hand loops reduce the pressure points. Spring openers serve two purposes: (1) eliminate pressure points from the action of opening the scissors, and (2) eliminate the need to use the weak muscles on the back of the hand and back of the forearm.

Sharp blades on scissors reduce force. Operations that require scissors for high volume production should have a sharpening program.

Scissors5 Scissors6
Electric scissors Air-powered scissors cutting Kevlar® (

Battery operated scissors provide a good option for many operations. For more robust tasks, the Airshirz® generates considerable power. This tool incorporates a unique, touch-sensitive cylinder that enables the blades to mimic the action of the fingers: If the fingers move slowly, the blades move slowly; if the fingers stop, the blades stop. See video clip of these powered scissors.

Full disclosure: The author has had modest involvement with the manufacturer, including this scissors.