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Safe Patient Handling

“Safe Patient Handling System:  How to Design, Implement and Sustain SPH for Long Term Success”.

Is your facility planning to implement safe patient handling in order to reduce costs associated with patient handling and/or state law? Or, does your facility already have a SPH program that isn’t meeting its goals and expectations?   If so, this three day seminar will provide you the critical information that you and your SPH leadership team need to build the proper foundation and structure to support and sustain an effective and successful SPH system. 

This seminar is designed specifically for the individuals that lead and offer key support to SPH within their facility.  You will learn the key factors to achieve success and the pitfalls to avoid.  A full day is devoted to each phase:  Design, Implement and Sustainability.   

Some topics that are covered:

  • Effect of  human factors and ergonomics on SPH
  • How use LEAN and process improvement principles in SPH
  • Role of leadership (administration and managers/supervisors) in SPH
  • How to design into the SPH program an “early warning system” to alert SPH leaders to problems early on
  • Requirements of the pending Federal SPH Legislation?
  • Steps to take to revive and regain enthusiasm for a struggling and stagnant SPH program

This seminar is the only one of its kind that teaches you the foundation on which to build your program and the steps to take along the way to ensure the program achieves long term results. The information provided in this seminar will allow you to make sound cost and operational decisions for your facility’s safe patient handling program.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone involved in leading and supporting Safe Patient Handling including:  Risk Managers, Loss Control Specialists, Employee Occupational Health, Nursing leaders and managers, clinical educators, SPH committee members, SPH coordinators and staff "superusers".


Seminar Details:

This seminar has been approved for 22 CEUs through AAOHN and MN Board of Physical Therapy.  Approval has been submitted to the Texas Physical Therapy Association.

All attendees will receive a course manual.  Lunch and snacks are included. For seminar objectives and course location details visit our website:

Seminar:  $799.  Enroll 30 days ahead and receive a $50 discount.  Group rates available—please contact us for pricing.

Attendance is limited.  Sign up online today! 

For questions or comments, please call or email us:  877-890-PATH (7284) or

We hope to see you there!


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About Ergo-PATH

Ergo-PATH System is solely focused on addressing the complex issue of safe patient handling (SPH). Ergo-PATH System leads and guides healthcare facilities to find cost-effective and functional SPH strategies and solutions.