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Push and Pull Gauge Gives Accurate and Reliable Answers

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When universities and hospitals want reliable and accurate push/pull force data, more and more of them turn to the technology behind Hoggan Health Industries, Inc.’s ergoFET Push & Pull Gauge.

Over a dozen major universities and hospitals including the University of Michigan and the University of Utah hospitals have used the technology behind the ergoFET Push & Pull Gauge to gather their own research data. Why? Because the cost-effective and ergonomic design of the unit measures force simultaneously from multiple directions, so even the slightest tip of the transducer does not effect the test results, providing reliable and objective data every time.

To make a gauge that customers can count on, Hoggan Health Industries puts its ergoFET Push & Pull Gauge through a series of intense calibration tests using an oscilloscope, making sure users of the gauge receive the highest accuracy and dependability demanded to provide the data needed for objective force testing evaluations.

With its patented design and technology, industries including the automotive industry have utilized and applied ergoFET’s proven technology for their own ergonomics applications. The ergoFET Push & Pull Gauge has established itself as the industry standard, backed by Hoggan Health Industries’ long list of satisfied customers who need and demand the accuracy and reliability of the ergoFET Push & Pull Gauge.

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