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Post Office Delivers Mixed Ergonomics Messages

It’s a literal government dog and pony show. Decisions are inked to great applause and hoopla in Washington, even if they never quite play out in the heartland. In this case, the decision is an ergonomics partnership, and the heartland is Aspen, Colorado.

The tale starts a couple of weeks ago, when, on April 4, the United States Postal Service (USPS), its employee unions and OSHA signed a partnership regarding ergonomics. According to the press statement from OSHA’s Assistant Secretary of Labor, John Henshaw, “OSHA, the postal unions and the Postal Service will all be working together for the good of postal workers. It is just this kind of commitment from management and cooperation from unions and employees that we need to help reduce injuries and illnesses related to ergonomics and to assure a safer workplace for employees.”

But a week later, in Aspen, this dog and pony show lost its dog