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OSHA Awards Grants for Ergonomics Training

This past summer ErgoWeb reported on the open application of the
Federal OSHA Susan Harwood Training Grant. The Harwood grants go to
organizations that propose to educate workers and employers in small
businesses; train workers and employers about new OSHA standards; or
teach workers and employees about high-risk activities or hazards
either identified in OSHA’s strategic plan or as part of an OSHA
special emphasis program.

This year OSHA awarded approximately $8 million in Susan Harwood
Training Grants to 53 nonprofit organizations to administer safety and
health training programs. Of this $8 million, over $2,600,000 was
awarded to proposals including ergonomics specifically.

ErgoWeb would like to congratulate the grant recipients and announce
that proposal submissions for the 2001 Susan Harwood Training Grant
are now being accepted. Details can be obtained in the Federal
Register or on OSHA’s website.