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Obituary: Dennis (Denny) Ankrum, Strong Contributor to Office Ergonomics Knowledge Base

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the death of Dennis Ankrum.  Denny had been fighting cancer for some time.  He was doing well this spring and summer, but recently things took a turn for the worse.  Denny died peacefully at his home in Chicago, with his wife Sharon and son Carl by his side. Sharon reports that he was "Denny until the end: correcting Carl’s grammar and wanting things his way, yet knowing and providing what his wife and son needed."

Denny was a regular participant in this forum, including posts within the last two weeks. (His collection of ergonomics research articles are still available for a good home.  There are about 3 file drawers full of documents.  This collection began with Chris Grant at the University of Michigan and has been built up with Denny’s efforts.  Contact Sharon Ankrum if you would like this collection.)

We will remember Denny for his humor, his directness, and his intellect.  He did his homework, and he called a spade a spade. He wasn’t afraid to call something “Bull Shxx” if it wasn’t supported by sound ergonomics evidence.  Denny wrote a number of articles on vision and computer work, and was involved in the BIFMA ERGONOMIC GUIDELINES G1-2002, and the accompanying BIFMA Ultimate Test For Fit document.  Denny was an auto mechanic, a writer, and big fan of Texas music.  He was the web master for, a top ranked ergonomics web site.

Denny is survived by his wife Sharon, son Carl, sisters Mary, Peggy, Patty, and Janet, and his brother Tommy. Sharon explains that in preparation for his death, Denny agreed to a memorial/wake at the garden at the Zen Community, but requested no Buddhism or Christianity, "even though Denny was probably the kindest, most compassionate, most giving man I’ve ever known—and deeply spiritual while denying every second of it."

In accordance with his wishes, there will be a gathering with music to celebrate his life on October 17, 2010, 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., at the Zen Life & Meditation center at 163 N. Humphrey Ave., Oak Park, IL 60302 (potluck, if you wish to bring something).

A few recordings of Denny playing and singing will be heard, but the family mostly wants attendees who wish to play their instruments and sing the songs Denny loved so much (real country: from Bob Wills to Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark, Steve Earle, with a little Union thrown in (Hazel Dickens’ “Coal Miner’s Grave,” for instance)).

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