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New Mouse Helps People With Hand Tremors

IBM has developed a computer mouse adapter that helps eliminate excessive cursor movements for people with hand-tremors.

The “Assistive Mouse Adapter,” which has been designed to improve the ergonomics of computer use by accounting for the abilities and limitations of approximately 10 million Americans with uncontrollable tremors of the limbs, sits between the computer and the mouse and acts to stabilize or filter out shaking movements. The device can also remove unintended multiple clicks and can be adjusted for tremor severity.

The adapter, said Jim Levine, researcher for IBM, was conceived of during a workshop on problems associated with senior computer users and his own uncle’s problems with using a computer.

“My uncle was unable to use the computer because of too much hand tremor,” Levine said. “I remembered that at the workshop, and I thought it would be worthwhile to try to solve that problem.”

According to Information Week, the adapter is available through Montrose Secam Ltd., a British electronics company.

Source: Information Week