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NACE Meeting Announced

Member of the National Advisory Committee on Ergonomics (NACE) will meet September 24, 2003 in Arlington, Virginia, to continue working with OSHA to address ergonomics in the workplace. The meeting, announced by OSHA on September 10, is the third meeting for the NACE, a chartered committee made up of industry representatives and organized by OSHA.

During the meeting, the NACE plans to continue discussions regarding OSHA’s ergonomics strategy, meet with OSHA Administrator John Henshaw as he addresses the committee, and discuss the reports from each of the NACE outreach committees (Research, Guidelines, and Outreach and Assistance). In addition, a presentation will be made to the NACE regarding the National Academy of Sciences Ergonomics study.

The NACE, comprised of 15 members from industry, academia, labor, legal and the medical professions, was created with the goal of discussing and planning courses of action for working with OSHA to combat workplace MSDs. The NACE members were appointed by Labor Secretary Elaine Chao in late 2002 to serve on the committee throughout its two-year charter.