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Key Ovation Acquires Goldtouch Product Line

Key Ovation recently announced the acquisition of intellectual property rights to the Goldtouch product line, including the company’s flagship products, its patented adjustable keyboard.


“We are very excited about acquiring the Goldtouch product line encompassing world leading ergonomic technology” said Peter Gilbert, chief executive officer of Key Ovation.


“Our mission is to deliver ergonomic solutions that increase productivity and employee health and safety. Our ergonomic desktop solutions are designed to equip organizations at every level to achieve sustainable reductions to the high financial and human costs of work-related trauma disorders such as [musculoskeletal disorders] and carpal tunnel syndrome,” Gilbert continued.


According to Gilbert, the company also plans to “provide increased value for customers, and channel partners” and “ensure that maximum efficiency is achieved in both distribution and customer service” during the transition phase.

This article originally appeared in The Ergonomics Report™ on 2004-10-17.