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Is That Pain From Work or From a Workout?

That pain in the wrist or hands may not be stemming from your work; instead it may be related to your workout.

According to Dr. Keith Raskin, a hand surgeon at New York University Medical Center, more and more often doctors are seeing wrist and hand injuries related to workouts and weekend athletic ventures. Even activities as innocuous as yoga, bike riding or using a stair stepper are being targeted as the culprits.

Raskin told WNBC in New York that the injuries he and colleagues are seeing are soft tissue injuries, usually stemming from a combination of poor technique, lack of conditioning and general overuse.

“We’re seeing much more of the stress and strain at the wrist, forearm and the elbow,” Raskin told WNBC. “It’s the repetitive type of force that’s causing people to have inflammation and actually do damage.”

Cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) are soft-tissue injuries that occur over a period of time due to repeated trauma or exposure. Muscles and joints become stressed, tendons inflamed, nerves pinched or the flow of blood may be restricted, but pinpointing the exact cause of a CTD can sometimes be difficult, particularly if it’s related to what most people consider a relaxing, healthy workout.

It’s not just the wrist, arms or hands that are at risk of developing an overuse injury from a workout